Monday, 8 February 2010

Getting ready for issue 1

A big thank you to all those who submitted work to Prole for issue 1. We've had a very healthy number of submissions and an entertaining range of work to read. Remaining offers and notifications should be sent out soon as content is almost finalised. We remain open to submissions for issue 2. We hope to go to print within the next month, so keep an eye on the website for details about purchasing. As ever:


Sue Millard said...

How much per sub, Mr Editor Sir? I would like to arrange for my mother to get a copy and she doesn't use t'interweb much.

Prole said...

Ah - to be announced. There are still a couple of cost items to finalise. I'm pretty certain a figure of between 5 and 6 pounds, plus postage.
There will be an option to buy via cheque and mail as well as by normal web methods. Unfortunately, the address and payment details will be on the web!