Saturday, 13 February 2010

Exciting times

Exciting times at Prole. Content for issue one has been finalised and just as soon as our shiny new ISSN arrives we’ll be going to print. (Why does that take at least thirty days?) We aim to publish during May. Details will follow.
We remain open for submissions for Issue 2. Please note, submission guidelines have changed and we no longer accept reprints or simultaneous submissions. What hasn’t changed is the way we’d like submissions to be formatted. I assume our contributors are a literate bunch and it does clearly set out on our website how we’d like text presented. That being the case, why was it that about 70% of submissions did not follow guidelines, leading to a lot of extra work and swearing when setting up the final proof?
It may interest you to know that we are open to a small number of advertisements to be placed in Issue 1 and also on the website. ‘Subtle’ and ‘advertising’ are not easy bed-fellows, but please don’t ask for something spread across the cover or homepage – that isn’t going to happen.
As ever, for full details about everything, visit the website:


Mary Witzl said...

I love this line in your submissions section: 'Obscure references and highly stylized structures...that exist only to aggrandise the writer'. I can aggrandise with the best of them, but not with obscure references and highly stylized structures. If you hadn't told me about Prole and I'd read that line, I'd have been itching to submit something.

Prole said...

And that's why I thought of you, Mary. That and: 'Prole aims to challenge, engage and entertain but never exclude.' Glad you liked that line anyway. The first draft wasn't quite so delicately put.

All the best,


Sue Millard said...

Ah, the eternal complaint of the editor - submission blindness! I get this all the time for the mags and web sites that I edit. You can tell 'em over and over, "no formatting" and they will still send you loads of the formatting you don't want. I dump it all routinely into Notepad now. Copy and paste the plain text and then apply styles that I've set up within the publishing program / web editor. I don't rely on anyone's formatting, because my submitters all think in A4 and I am editing for A5! Think yourself lucky if you didn't get any tabbed columns :)

Prole said...

Oh - we've had tabbed poetry. I don't understand that one - tab the whole lot to get all of it away from the margin.
All good - got there in the end - and Note Pad is a fantastic tool.