Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Back in issue 5 we published Monkey Stops Whistling by David R Morgan. It seems this poem is heavily plagiarised from Colin Morton’s Empty Bottles. Other poems, published elsewhere under Morgan’s name, also appear to be plagiarised. Trust between us and our contributors has always been strong – and we aim to keep it that way. Prole has operated transparently from the start and we expect others to be transparent with us. It is not possible to check every submission for plagiarism - and while we are very disappointed - we are very grateful this information has come our way and we can set the record straight. We do not condone any lynch mob mentality – but we do strongly condemn Morgan’s actions and excuses and disassociate ourselves from him.

Apologies to Colin Morton.


Colin Morton said...

Thanks, Prole. I imagine that Morgan will have suffered enough from embarrassment and ostracism before this story dies down. I'm just sorry he forgot that the true reward for writing poetry is the respect of our peers.
Colin Morton

Prole said...

Thanks for picking up on this, Colin. We should have have added, by th eway, that it is a great poem - that's why we chose it in the first place. Full respect to you.