Monday, 17 September 2012

Other reading

Would our Prole readers and followers care to share which other journals they regularly read and why? To kick start you, the Prole poetry ed subscribes to The Interpreter's House, Other Poetry, and The Frogmore papers because of their quality and eclectic content (and in the case of IH and FP, a bit of solidarity as they are both independent journals too). Go on, keep us on our toes.


Rebecca said...

I always read Mslexia magazine, great mixture of prose and poetry

Robert Nisbet said...

Like Brett, I'm a keen fan of The Interpreter's House and Other Poetry. I also very much enjoy Smiths Knoll (despite regular rejections) and The Coffee House.

Anonymous said...

Ah - Smiths Knoll - shame of it is, they are folding. Any idea why?