Thursday, 20 October 2011

Prole lauches two poetry pamphlets

We are very proud to announce the publication of our first two poetry pamphlets (or chapbooks, if you prefer): Nan Hardwicke Turns into a Hare by Wendy Pratt and Merlin’s Lane by Robert Nisbet. Both have already received high praise. Phil Carradice, an editor at Roundyhouse Magazine, said of Merlin’s Lane: “Merlin's Lane” is the sort of collection we would all loved to have written. Very few of us ever could. And that's what makes it a fascinating, interesting and evocative read. It is an excellent collection of poetry by an excellent writer.
In her foreword for Nan Harwicke Turns into a Hare, celebrated poet, Alison Brackenbury wrote: I was astonished by the courage and generosity of this pamphlet. Many poets, finding in their finished work a powerful story of magic, and briefer lyrics of personal loss, would have eked them out into separate publications. But poetry is a drawing together, and Wendy Pratt excels at the deft and moving assembly of her poems’ world... Its final astonishment is that such power can rest within a handful of lyrical stories, like the woman in the frail body of the hare. I left these compassionate poems with admiration and regret.
Both pamphlets can be purchased at:

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