Sunday, 10 January 2010

The selection process

Happily, we are receiving many submissions.
Following a question from one of our contributors, a word about the selection process:
Each submission is carefully read by two editors followed by a dialogue about its suitability for inclusion in Prole. We try to inform writers of work we don’t want as soon as possible. This allows them to submit elsewhere where their work may be better suited. Writers of work that is short-listed for inclusion will have to wait a little longer to be informed. Meanwhile, submissions remain open for all forms of poetry and prose. We’d still like to see a few more creative non-fiction pieces come our way. I'm informed that the poetry editor wishes to be grabbed by his balls - failing that, engaging poetry will have to do! For full details about submitting, please visit:


Mary Witzl said...

Hi Phil!

Could we maybe see a photo of the poetry editor first? That will help those of us who want to oblige him know whether we want to do this.

(Sorry, couldn't resist that. I'm now going to go through all my creative non-fiction to see if I have anything worthy of Bill Bryson admiration. Does it matter if what we submit has already been published on our blogs?

Mary Witzl said...

I've just visited your submissions site and have managed to answer that question myself.